CiviMobile 5.7 Update

4 min readOct 15, 2021


CiviMobile 5.7 supports Contribution dashboard and in-app donations that add further assets to app advanced fundraising functionality. Easy to interpret and extract insights from, the dashboard instantly puts data in context for data-driven decision making, while the in-app donation is likely to improve the donation flows.

Contribution Dashboard

Appropriate permissions granted, user will get a snapshot of givers’ contribution amount over specified period of time or since inception. The dashboard will track, consolidate, arrange and display information on data.

It is accessed from the bottom navigation bar upon a tap on “More” button and comes packed with key features for tracking contributions:

  • Summary. When set to active, the Summary tab displays total amount of contributions made over the specified time period (by default, all contributions), average amount and amount since inception.
  • Visual data presentation. The summary data is displayed in table layout and as a chart bar
  • Total visibility. Filter is applied to summary and the contribution list to view any data user wants displayed. Contributions are tracked by date, contact name/type/group/tag, amount, financial type, status, payment method

In-app Donations

As you spread the word of your noble cause, be prepared to receive multiple and ongoing donations. CiviMobile 5.7 ensures all app users, both guests and registered, will be able to effortlessly support your initiative anytime and anyplace. It takes few clicks for your supporters, enthusiasts, visitors to donate directly through the app.

In-app donation is a fairly straightforward process:

  1. More” menu item expands the navigation bar to include “Donate” menu item;
  2. Tap “Donate” menu item to land on the Donate screen;
  3. Select the social initiative you are willing to support and proceed to payment.

Guest user will be able to donate funds by tapping “Donate” menu item on the main navigation bar. The registered user journey repeats for the guest user.

Social initiatives, displayed in CiviMobile on the Donate screen, are configured in CiviCRM as contribution pages. All suggested options have their own landing pages where all details are given.

Further improvements and enhancements

Among highlights of CiviMobile 5.7 release users will find a number of improvements that add to app usability, in particular:

  • Configurable tabs

Getting CiviMobile users where they want to land with no confusion and the least amount of effort was only part of the puzzle. When solved, our sights turned to configurable navigation menu. Requests we receive have proved that CiviMobile users’ needs and preferences vary, meaning some personalization to navigation menu was much welcome.

CiviMobile 5.7 supports configurable tabs on side and bottom menu bars. Go to Administer > CiviMobile > CiviMobile Tabs and enable/disable menu items relevant/irrelevant for your internal processes within organization or interactions with constituents.

  • Сustom fields for activities

Think about multiple types of nonprofits, variety of social initiatives they pursue, communities they serve, staff size that ranges from small to large, types of day-to-day activities they perform, etc. No wonder there is no one-size-fit-all solution. In view of such differences CiviMobile 5.7 gives users even more control. You can add custom fields to separate activity types and collect data specific for selected type. When creating new custom field set remember to select activity type from ‘Used’ for field list.

  • Filter in My contributions

Vast amount of data, so indispensable on some occasions, especially when faster and fact based decision making is involved, seems quite burdensome when refined data is required. For occasions like that CiviMobile 5.7 will narrow down all your contribution records based on any of the following criteria: financial type, contribution status, contribution amount, date received, payment method.

Still more to come…As we keep investigating, iterating, enhancing the app to further tailor it to your needs, improved CiviMobile 5.7 version is now available on the Google Play Market and App Store.

Make the most of it!

Source: Data Turn Into Insights & Initiatives Into Funds With CiviMobile 5.7




CiviMobile is a native application that allows CiviCRM users to leverage the combined benefits of the software and their smartphones.