Easy Associate Management in Memberships Dashboard

3 min readMar 3, 2023


CiviMobile 5.8 is the current version of the application for the nonprofits’ CRM, released on October 29, 2021. Compared to CiviMobile 5.7.1, the update is an improved Memberships Dashboard functionality that allows you to learn more about other users and filter the needed contacts.

Memberships Dashboard is perhaps one of the most significant changes, allowing a user (with appropriate permissions) to track and sort members data, namely:

  • Recent activity;
  • Summary;
  • Memberships;
  • Individual’s contact record.

So, there are two tabs, “Summary” and “All Memberships,” each responsible for a specific pool of features. The “Summary” tab is responsible for the members’ status. For example, a triangle shape that points down indicates the closed status. By the way, to make the application work even faster, you can limit the number of records. The “All Memberships” default tab displays recent member activity, making it much easier to interact with groups of users.

The Dashboard is accessed from the lower right corner navigation bar upon tapping on the “More” button. There, you can find more details about members in the “Memberships” → “Summary” tab. Let’s talk about them in more detail.


To understand the user’s status (open or closed), pay attention to the rotating triangle. That will help you see the availability of free information about the organization member activity over the current year, starting with the most recent. There are table layouts and chart bars to make viewing the summaries even more convenient.

Table Layouts

Your data will be organized using the following categories:

  • Membership type;
  • New members who have recently signed up or paid for membership;
  • Renew category indicates the updated status of the participant;
  • Current members acquire their status after the new period has finished and lasts until the membership end date.

The default settings imply displaying user data for the current year.

Chart Lines

Chart lines are unprecedentedly best at visualizing data. You can filter the types to display changes over a specified time.

You will see the specified period on the X-axis with a gradation of up to two weeks, two months, years, and more. The Y-axis indicates the current number of selected types.

All Memberships List

This tab displays a user’s current memberships and includes their photo, name, membership start and end date, type, and status. In addition, you can see this data in the Contact Profile by clicking on the user’s avatar.

Membership Details

The “All Memberships” tab redirects the user to the “Membership details,” where you can find the membership’s avatar, name, type, and status. The “Renewal Payment” section contains information about the date of receipt, method, and payment amount. The “Renew” section indicates that the user has corresponding permission.

Filter for Dashboard

Filtering is applied to sort the data and the membership list. The CiviMobile 5.8 app provides several criteria for finding a specific membership:

  • Contact Name;
  • Type section;
  • Date Received section;
  • Hot-linked Membership Type/ Status.

If you use the “Clear” function, the filter will not be saved. On the other hand, the “Apply” button saves the sort and applies the criteria to the “Summary.”

Membership drill-down list

The list of “All Memberships” depends on the applicable filter. In this case, the list of participants will include users who have joined within a certain period, renewed their membership, or are considered active.




CiviMobile is a native application that allows CiviCRM users to leverage the combined benefits of the software and their smartphones.