NGOs monthly news overview — November

3 min readDec 1, 2021


Can 6 billion check save the population from hunger?

On the 30th of October, CNN posted that Elon Musk’s 2% fortune can help solve world hunger. Dr. Eli David tweeted it, and in response, the billionaire expressed care for starvation and asked for open-source accounting, so publicity can see how money is planning to be spent by World Food Programme if he invests.

Not to let 42 million people go down with WFP plan $6.6 billion investments, Programme can serve to ship, store and transport by air food to those who in need. Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme David Beasley later admitted that this money would not end hunger but feed people in some countries.

Implications are inevitable if we do not make changes now, as the number of hunger cases is just expanding. Having robust economic planning and strategy in place avoids growing numbers, so Tony Robbins, in his Twitter, urges us to act now.

Veterans’ Day Celebration

On the 11th of November, Veterans Day was held all around in the United States. This valuable date is celebrated to honor all the veterans who bravely served and sacrificed for their country. 19.5 million veterans live in the U.S., and this is important to pay tribute to those people.

This year in New York City at 11 am 102nd Annual Veterans Day was hosted and included bands, vintage vehicles, 200 machines units that all marched up Fifth Avenue. On this day, hundreds of restaurants, national eateries offer free meals, coffee, or discounts for defenders.

“We love you. We care. Thank you for your service, time, compassion. You have a big place in our hearts.”- from the interview with parade civilians.

26th United Nations Climate Change Conference

During two weeks (the 31st of October to the 13th of November 2021), the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Glasgow. It was one year delayed due to COVID restrictions. Paris Agreement on 2015 stated that plans on climate have to be revised every five years. During this year’s conference, essential decisions into the climate changes movement were made. Leaders of all 197 countries had a chance to speak up and present their ideas or actions that were already made. Besides, the main focus for the next half of the decade was established, and it is going to be four main components: mitigation, adaption, finance, and collaboration.

Leaders committed to halting deforestation and loss of land capacity and cutting down on coal power, the most polluting fossil fuel. By doing these actions, we are already getting closer to restraining global warming to 1.5 °C. These and many more were discussed and taken into countries’ action plans.

30 by 30

The worldwide resolution “Thirty by Thirty” to conserve 30 % of the nation’s land and water by 2030 breaks the current stalemate. During already mentioned COP26, activists and politicians emphasized the importance of protecting our ecosystem.

Investment in nature conservation and restoration will also be crucial for economic recovery after the crisis caused by the epidemic COVID-19. This means taking care of the food we grow, the air purified by forests, and the water that passes through wetlands, but essential bowing out global carbon emissions.

Multiple communities have already started planning approaches toward a common goal — protecting our nature and helping species threatened with extinction. They call everyone to guard the natural system we are dependent on and make this goal achievable by 2030.


Protecting and restoring biodiversity is the only way to preserve the quality of life and provide support for human existence on Earth. Furthermore, taking into account all the news, we have to act immediately to preserve biodiversity. In essence, we are responsible for our future and the world we will be living in the subsequent ages, so behaving prudently is a step forward for generations.

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